Boat Charters in Tenerife

Tenerife is a worldwide known holiday resort and one of the best destinations for yacht chartering. Tenerife coast and surrounding waters has a lot to boast: beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, charming bays with lucid warm water, lovely cetaceans and much more. Its really a good idea to make a Boat Charter in Tenerife.

If you want to discover this paradise island and its natural beauty in the most relaxing, luxury and sophisticated way, hire a crewed yacht and spend unforgettable sailing time during your vacations in Tenerife.

Why to make a boat charter in Tenerife?

To enjoy stunning views of the coast. As we mentioned above, Tenerife is simply beautiful and it has a lot to show. Hire a boat to appreciate the coastline and the seascape and feel complete relaxation and peace of mind.

To watch whales and dolphins. Whale and dolphins watching is one of the most popular activities in Tenerife. Both kids and adults are fascinated with these lovely animals, who are residing in the waters between Tenerife and La Gomera all the year round. Our private boat charters will make this experience even more bright and memorable. Our experienced captains know all the best whale and dolphin watching spots.

We will try to watch as many cetaceans as possible and will spend extra time with the most active and friendly ones. So you will have enough time to make photos and videos of these sweet animals and watch them in their natural environment.

Luxury Yacht Charter Tenerife Azimut 60 side 2
Luxury Yacht Charter Tenerife Azimut 60 side 2

To visit Los Gigantes cliffs. Los Gigantes cliffs are one of those Tenerife attractions, which will definitely impress you more if you see them from the sea. So the best way to appreciate the power of these giants will be with a boat charter.

Swimming and snorkelling. Tenerife counts with plenty of enchanting bays with translucent clean water. Many of them are accessible only with the boat. We know the most beautiful ones and will bring you there with our private charter. You will have enough time to swim and snorkel in the calmness and serenity.

Just enjoy a nice day out during your vacations in Tenerife. Why you need to find a reason? Simply relish the fantastic sailing time on the board of luxury boat and share this experience with you family, couple of friends. The private yacht hire will be also a great romantic option for couples’ vacations or honeymooners.

Which boat to rent in Tenerife?

We offer a hand-picked variety of the best boats, available in the South of Tenerife. For our private charters we selected only verified boats which always receive great reviews from our customers.

Our range includes boats for any taste, desired activity, budget and quantity o participants.

For small groups or couples we can offer a charter with Motor Boat Sunseeker Apache 45 or Galeon 390 Fly. They are designed for up to 8 persons on board. However you can rent any of bigger boats if you like more space.

For groups of up to 12 persons Catamaran Abrazo Charter will be an excellent option. All the guests will have enough space and comfort.

Luxury Yacht Charter Tenerife Azimut 60 behind
Luxury Yacht Charter Tenerife Azimut 60 behind

If you are looking for something really exclusive, check out our luxury yacht Azimut 60 Flybridge. A private charter in Tenerife with this gorgeous yacht will be an unforgettable experience.

For bigger groups you can hire Bonadea Catamaran Charter or Opera 60 RIB Boat Charter.

When to rent a boat in Tenerife?

Motor Yacht Charter Tenerife Galeon 390 Fly bow
Motor Yacht Charter Tenerife Galeon 390 Fly bow

No matters which time of the year you are planning to visit Tenerife, a Private Yacht Charter will be a great activity for you. The sun is shining here all year round and the temperature difference between the warmest and the coldest months is just few degrees.

But even the rain and bad weather conditions are the rare guests in the Island, we recommend you to plan your boat charter for the first part of your vacations. So in case you can’t do it in the planed day due to bad weather or sea conditions, we can offer you an alternative date. Fortunately this happens very rarely and Tenerife deserves to be called an Eternal Spring Island.

Mainly you can choose if you want to start your charter in the morning or afternoon. But if you are planning to hire a yacht for 6-7 hours, morning will be the appropriate option.

For how long to charter a boat?

RIB Boat Charter Tenerife groups
RIB Boat Charter Tenerife groups

Time on board totally depends on your plans and desired activities. The standard charter trip is 3-4 hours. If you want to visit more remote areas, like Los Gigantes Cliffs, you have to hire a boat for at least 6-7 hours.

One of the best things about private charter is that it is private. That means that you can decide where you want to go and what to do on board. Just let us know in advance about your plans or special requirements, so we can agree them with the captain.

In case you don’t have any special plans, we have prearranged charter itineraries for different duration options.

Can I rent a boat for a special occasion?

Definitely yes! Marriage proposals, Birthdays parties, Bachelor parties, Hen Do Party, Corporate retreats and many other special events or celebration could be a perfect case for chartering a private yacht.

Just remember to make your booking request in advance to be sure that you can make your charter in the desired date and time. Also tell us in advance if you have any special requests, like a birthday cake, special food preferences or any other extra option for the charter, so we can agree it with the captain.

Simply take a relaxing break and do a boat charter in Tenerife. Present yourself a fantastic day out with your family or friends and let our team and experienced skippers make this experience unique and memorable.

Don’t hesitate and check out Yachts available for a Private Charter in Tenerife!

List of Boat Charters in Tenerife:

Catamaran Charter in Tenerife Abrazo

Mountain View

Luxury Yacht Charter in Tenerife Azimut 39

Mountain View

Superb luxury Yacht Charter in Tenerife Azimut 60

Mountain View

RIB Boat Charter in Tenerife Opera 60

Mountain View

Catamaran Charter in Tenerife - Bonadea

Mountain View

יאכטות יוקרה מעולה יאכטה טנריף אזימוט 60

Mountain View